New Video: Financially Controlled Phase 1 – Divulgence & Discovery

What is findom? If you are new to this Fetish, the continue reading below. If you are familiar with this fetish, skip down below to review my newest video FINANCIALLY CONTROLLED PHASE 1 – DIVULGENCE & DISCOVERY

Findom is short for “Financial Domination” and this is a fetish where a dominant woman (a.k.a. domme or dominatrix). According to Wikipedia:

In this fetish lifestyle, in particular a practice of dominance and submission, a submissive (cash piggyfinsubhuman ATMmoney slave or paypig) gives gifts and money to a financial dominant (findomme/findomGoddessmoney dom/money dommemoney master/ money mistress or cashmaster).

I have produced my first financial domination video and published it to several popular fetish clip sites. There will be more videos in this Financially Controlled series to come out soon. Below is a description of this video, and link to all the clips sites where it can be purchased follow below.


Goddess Audrey Arquette has decided that you need to have your finances controlled. You cannot manage on your own. So we will begin by you providing all of your account details and logins in this spreadsheet, your budget, and daily spending. From there I will be devising a plan to completely control all of your spending, giving you the bare minimum allowance to survive. After the month is up, I will analyze the savings and keep a nice portion for myself. So get ready to divulge your information in this financial discovery meeting with me, your new findom goddess.

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