New Video: Put it on Repeat: Gooning to Goddess Audrey’s Tits

My latest gooner video is all about my perfect tits! Read the video description below, and purchase it from one of the links below. VIDEO DESCRIPTION You claim you are a gooner, so here’s your change to prove it. Put this video on repeat. You will be stroking forever more to my tits, all clad […]

New Video: Financially Controlled Phase 1 – Divulgence & Discovery

What is findom? If you are new to this Fetish, the continue reading below. If you are familiar with this fetish, skip down below to review my newest video FINANCIALLY CONTROLLED PHASE 1 – DIVULGENCE & DISCOVERY Findom is short for “Financial Domination” and this is a fetish where a dominant woman (a.k.a. domme or […]