Experience the Sissy Room

Welcome to my Sissy Room!



This pink paradise is the perfect safe place to experience gender transformation in a safe, discreet location. All are welcome including queers, bisexual, and straight with gay curiosity.


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When you need a space you can let go and be the girl you always wanted to be, then book a session to use my room. I can guide you through your sissification as a nurturing friend, or I can a bit more dominant and humiliating based on what you want out of a session. Or you can use the room all alone to act out your fantasies, take pictures and video, and do whatever else to be feel as feminine as you want to feel.



I have decorated this room to be posh and pink and perfectly fitting for sissification and feminization.


In this room you can do just about anything from makeovers and makeup practice, wearing feminine clothing (I custom make clothing too!), trying on wigs and feminine hair styles, acting out your favorite role play, or simply relaxing and enjoying the perfumed air and pink posh surroundings.


I also have a room with a stripper pole and lighting so you can move like the dancing queen you are. 



You also may shower before you leave so that no traces of your session are left upon your person for an extra layer of discretion!


Besides my regular in-person sessions that I offer, I can also provide you with the following services to help you with your feminization process:


Vocal Feminization

Find your female voice with my vocal training sessions. I am a trained vocalist with a 4 octave range, and I can teach you how to speak at a higher frequency with or without hormones to assist you. I have training in Italian opera and other singing techniques which translate perfectly over to speach coaching. Vocal feminization can be taught in person, or over webcam.


Wig Services

  • Shopping assistance
  • Try-on
  • Fittings
  • Custom wig construction
  • Wig repairs

Makeup & Nails*

  • Application
  • Makeup shopping assistance
  • Basic gel nails

Perfume Sampling

You may spritz on any of my designer perfumes to your delight! I currently own brands including:

  • Versace
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Lancôme Paris

Clothing Services

  • Custom clothing design
  • Alterations
  • Personal shopping assistance


*Please note that I am not a professional cosmetologist. I only do basic makeup and nail polish application, I do not perform any skin services such as facials, nor do I provide manicure/pedicure services.



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